BizOps Features

Quote and Order Management

  • Automate the process of creating and tracking orders
  • Customizable quote and order management system to address the unique business practices for each of our clients
  • Create and view the status of all orders and estimates
  • Unique pricing profiles can be established for each customer
  • Provide contractors and distributors the ability to create orders through a secure access point
  • Status and the delivery schedule for orders can be viewed by distributors through a secure gateway access point
  • Audit trail of all changes to quotes and orders is maintained within the system

The order management system is linked to all aspects of the shop environment including scheduling, allocation of material and services for production

Customer Gateway Portal

Utilize the Storefront/Gateway Portal as a means to provide customer service, branding and enhance sales. Our customers can provide their customers access to the gateway portal enabling visibility into the availability of inventory and the ability to generate a quote that is handed off to a defined contact that can confirm the receipt of the quote and convert it into a sales order.

  • Clients can view order status through the Gateway Portal
  • Promotions and specials
  • Customized to clients branding and specifications
  • Storefront browsing and search capabilities
  • Email notification on order submission
  • Provide customers with order status and history of previous orders

Administrative interface is available for users to control all aspects of the system

Vendor Gateway Portal

Aegis Commerce Solutions has developed a new function for vendors, This function enables vendors visibility into all of their Open Purchase Orders. When the Vendor User logs into the portal all Open POs for the Vendor are displayed. The vendor can fulfill the shipment across all open PO’s. The PO can be printed by clicking on the PO # link. The PO# column is a link that opens a Print View for the PO. Vendors can fulfill a shipment across multiple purchase orders. All required shipping data such as ETA, Quantity Shipped, Container Number is entered into the BizOps shipping process. The information entered by the Vendor can be used to generate a Manifest utilized to make the receiving process more efficient.

  • Vendors can view their Purchase Orders through the Gateway Portal
  • Vendors can confirm pricing and update expected dates of shipments.
  • Vendors can generate Proforma Invoices and Other shipping documents.

Inventory Control

Manage Inventory across multiple warehouses and vendors, with real-time inventory updates

  • Inventory levels by warehouse, product, product type, location etc…
  • Real-time inventory allocation
  • Detailed reports for inventory status and historical activity
  • Integrated with barcode technology
  • Wireless handheld barcode scanning device
  • Allocate inventory to each job
  • View inventory allocations by production date
  • Track acquisition costs and dates easily and immediately
  • Inventory threshold capability/Stock Reorder

Create inventory remnants and place into inventory by location, lot and more


The BizOps Scheduler is driven by Events and Resources. There is no limit to the number of Events and Resources that can be defined in the scheduler. The scheduler is linked to the sales order and the web page is designed to enable visibility into scheduled events with the ability to edit and generate new events.

Manage the scheduling for all activities

  • Create and maintain the schedule for each custom order
  • View the schedule by stage, event, employee and status
  • Create calendar view for all tasks
  • Create schedules for all teams by day, week, and month
  • Change or modify schedule online
  • Interface to MapQuest to create directions for template, installation and service
  • Full reporting capabilities to view stages, events and status by day, week, month


Production/Shipping Module

Create production/delivery schedule for custom and stock orders

  • A single view of all aspects of production and shipping
  • Manipulate all aspects of a job from a single view
  • View status, stage and events for all orders
  • Creation a production order for each custom job
  • Allocate services and material
  • Track cost for services and material for each job


Production Control

Take complete control of all aspects of your production processes.

  • Manage cost, capacity and availability of Machines and Personnel.
  • Classify production activities as Tasks and Task Groups.
  • Easily schedule tasks based on capacity and availability of machines and personnel.


Purchasing / Receiving

  • Create purchase orders for finished goods, raw materials and disposables
  • Receive inventory by length, width and unique attributes such as lot, batch etc…
  • Vendor module enables the management of vendor pricing
  • Submit purchase orders via email
  • Track the status of purchase orders


Customized Pricing and Catalogs

  • Products can be added and edited through a menu driven interface.
  • Product database can be searched by catalog, category, sub-category, SKU
  • Product attributes, pricing and descriptions can be edited with a single click.
  • Products and pricing can be marked as exclusive to specific customers.
  • Suppliers can log in and access their product catalogs to enter and modify
  • Categorize products, change pricing or product information



Receive real time information about critical aspects of your business

  • Quotes, orders and converted quotes by day, week, month and year
  • Leading sales staff members
  • Best moving material
  • Revenue by product, customer, raw material and vendor
  • Leading producers in the plant
  • Service calls


Business Optimization System Enterprise Edition

  • Vendor and Customer Gateway Portals
  • Quote and Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Barcode Scanning Interface
  • Scheduling
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Security Module
  • Reporting Module
  • Accounting Interface



The entire BizOps software system is accessible via a mobile device that is connected to the internet. All staff members in the field can view their schedule via their mobile device and communicate with staff members via the BizOps messaging system.