The Importance Of Mobility

Apr 14, 2020

You need to be able to access your fabrication business from anywhere, on any device, from mobile phones and tablets to laptops and desktop machines. BizOps has been built from the ground up for mobility.

Starting from quote and order creation, through scheduling, templating, material allocation, production and installation, BizOps provides mobile visibility into the entire process.

Whether in your shop or out in the field, you can create quotes and orders, schedule events, and manage the entire production process through installation with BizOps.

Templaters can pull up their scheduled jobs on their phone in the field and view full job details, attached files, and provide real time communication on the status of jobs. They don’t need to return to the shop to provide updates.

Fabricators can view their individual production tasks across jobs, start and complete those tasks, and provide updated production status for each job.

Installers can view each scheduled installation job, access and attach files and documents, and provide real time feedback on the completion of the job.

BizOps provides end to end visibility and access to your entire business process from wherever you are, on any internet connected device with a browser.

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